Breaker, Breaker, into the black...

In this world it is far too easy to stick our heads in the electronics and ignore everything, including our families.

But take it from Longhaul, it is far better to be eyes up than the rolling dead.

Let’s take that road together, learning from each other and bringing back family fun night.

God First

Family Second

Self Last



Quick Post on Shroud of the Avatar

Again, I cannot apologize enough for not doing podcasts right now. Please keep praying for Grandma Char as she goes through tremendous teeth (plural) problems. Without her, we're kind of up a creek with regards to daycare three days a week, and I spend my weekends...
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Happy Father’s Day!

To paraphrase Spock from the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek, as doing a podcast on Father's Day ships would seem "oddly self-serving," I'm skipping in this year in favor of giving y'all this quick notice of the Father's Day special by Star Citizen for racing ships....
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Shhhh… New Project…

Just formed a new Facebook Group for creating audio dramas of the transcript postings by Cloud Imperium Games on If you are in the northern Denver area or just have the gear to do clean mp3 recordings of your voice to add to the dramas,...
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Flying on the Cheap

With apologies to anyone who thought I was saying that you absolutely have to start with a multi-passenger ship to get into Star Citizen with the family, this is my take on the two cheapest game packages, for the Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha for $45, the directly of...
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Thank you, Rob Sharp.

We just got word that early this Friday morning, my good friend and brother in Christ, Rob Sharp, finally took the last road home to heaven after a long fight against cancer. While I'm personally sad that we shall never meet again here on Earth, I am glad that he is...
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What is a Christian?

It isn't often that we get a chance to see ourselves through the eyes of God, but I think I did get that chance and I thank my good friend and brother in Christ, Rob, for that. While we all might feel lost in our everyday lives and faith lives on occasion, take a...
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What’s Banu with You?

The mysterious and enigmatic Banu culture has been described as "Yankee Traders." What about their redesigned for humans ships, the Defender and Merchantman, do we need to know for family fun before purchasing? I run down the basics here. REMEMBER TO USE THIS GAME...
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To 3.0 and Beyond!

Take it from a guy who has been, at one point, CEO of a construction company, it is not easy dealing with subcontractors. And dealing with subcontractors while working on a universe-size project only makes things worse, but is necessary to take up the slack of not...
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Longhaul’s 2017 Subscriber Race

This is a race between YouTube subscribers and Patreon patrons. Who can establish the best foothold first? Don't get me wrong, the real reason I am doing this is for both a custom channel address for the YouTube account (requires 100 subscribers) and to pay the bills...
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Howdy and Welcome from Longhaul Preacher

Welcome to the new website for Longhaul Preacher. For those who are not familiar with who I am, here's the current introduction video on YouTube: So what is Here you will find not only the videos, but, where needed, summaries of those videos...
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