What is a Christian?

What is a Christian?

It isn’t often that we get a chance to see ourselves through the eyes of God, but I think I did get that chance and I thank my good friend and brother in Christ, Rob, for that. While we all might feel lost in our everyday lives and faith lives on occasion, take a moment when that happens to look to Scripture and ask yourself, “Is this what God wants of me? Is this what God wants of the church I go to and the community I associate with?”
“Is this what a Christian is suppose to be?”
This sermon looks at the basics of what it means to be Christian and the life and behavior we are called to live.
Dedicated to Rob Sharp, fighting his last fight with cancer as I type this. Please take the time to pray for him and his wife Tammie, and if you feel the need to give a little, please look to your favorite cancer research foundation and donate. For me that would be St. Baldrick’s Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer, but that is up to you. Give where God leads you to give. Live as God leads you to live.
And God bless you, your families, and especially all those suffering from cancer and their families.
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What’s Banu with You?

What’s Banu with You?

The mysterious and enigmatic Banu culture has been described as “Yankee Traders.” What about their redesigned for humans ships, the Defender and Merchantman, do we need to know for family fun before purchasing? I run down the basics here.

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To 3.0 and Beyond!

To 3.0 and Beyond!

Take it from a guy who has been, at one point, CEO of a construction company, it is not easy dealing with subcontractors. And dealing with subcontractors while working on a universe-size project only makes things worse, but is necessary to take up the slack of not enough employees. They’ll get there. In the meantime, onward to 3.0, now slated for June 29, 2017! Are you ready?

Longhaul’s 2017 Subscriber Race

Longhaul’s 2017 Subscriber Race

Let the race begin!

This is a race between YouTube subscribers and Patreon patrons. Who can establish the best foothold first?

Don’t get me wrong, the real reason I am doing this is for both a custom channel address for the YouTube account (requires 100 subscribers) and to pay the bills I’m accumulating by doing these podcasts while also aiming to start building Freya’s college fund. I admit it, I am just greedy that way.

Now you might wonder why podcasting could cost so much to begin with, that that’s a legitimate question. Consider the following based on my previous experiences as well as what I just went through in Cortez, Colorado:

1) Everyone needs to be able to hear what I am saying. That, I have found, takes more than an iPhone headset’s microphone or even a gaming headset mike. It takes professional quality to come out sounding decent. So, I have already spent on a good pair of headphones, a microphone, and a mike stand and fully intend to get a mixer at some point and more mikes to do full-out “radio dramas” with a small group of Denver Star Citizen fanatics.

2) A good Internet connection is not cheap and is worth every penny. DSL typically has a bad reputation and for a reason that is not as well known. It takes good phone line to get good DSL. Even at Colorado’s main fiber hub, Boulder, DSL is just plain bad because the telephone lines in the area are that bad. Cortez is even worse. I use Comcast, but I also know the NorthWest, a relatively recent purchase of Comcast, has bad cable lines as well. You get the picture. I can only broadcast if the Net is up and that costs money.

3) Software/Hardware: I have discovered the free software on my Mac has huge limitations. While it is free and Macs tend to be a lot better at A/V than Windows computers, the free stuff is limited in flexibility. We’ve been given Adove Creative Cloud Suite to work with, but that takes both time to learn and one thing I need more of, memory.

So please do not think I am being greedy. I want to give you guys a good show and my daughter a good education and those are my only motivations.

Let the games begin.

Howdy and Welcome from Longhaul Preacher

Howdy and Welcome from Longhaul Preacher

Welcome to the new website for Longhaul Preacher. For those who are not familiar with who I am, here’s the current introduction video on YouTube:

So what is LonghaulPreacher.space? Here you will find not only the videos, but, where needed, summaries of those videos and some things I just haven’t had time to turn into a video. I have been greatly looking forward to doing this for the Family Fun and Star Citizen communities and it is my pleasure to give it to you.


Back in 2015, nearing the age of 46 and having no kids of my own, an old friend asked me and my wife to adopt baby Freya, her granddaughter, to keep her out of the system of anonymous adoptions and in touch with her birth family. But back in 2007 was the last time I had a full-time job. If you have kids in college, you know what that means: It is time to start saving up for college and I have no job to save up with.

So Freya and I would greatly appreciate it if y’all would consider a $1 per month¬†contribution through Patreon both to keep these vlogs and blogs going and to start building up her college fund.

In the meantime, while you consider this, I will just say thanks for enjoying what I’m creating, God bless, and have safe family fun out there.

Christmas Thoughts – Family Fun is Now

Christmas Thoughts – Family Fun is Now

With a huge thanks to Pastor David Troutman of Northglenn Christian Church, I pass you a “to do” list for this Christmas season:


Pick a night this week. Go to the grocery store and have everyone pick out a finger food to share. Head home prepare your dishes and enjoy each others company!


Everyone put on your favorite PJ’s and slippers, make some hot cocoa or chai, pop some popcorn and watch a Christmas movie together.


Head to the nearest dollar store and give everyone $1 for each family member (plus tax). You have ten minutes to find the perfect gift for each member. Go home and wrap the gifts for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.


This one is simple… either look up a recipe or buy a kit. Spend the evening together decorating your edible house.


Pull out some board games, a deck of cards or a puzzle.


Combine any of the previously mentioned events with a living room camp out! Get out some blankets, make some forts and sleep on the floor.

The objective is to create memories. When we look back at the time we spend with our family we will rarely remember something someone gave us… what we remember is the time we spend with one another. GET CREATIVE and CREATE A LIFELONG MEMORY of CHRISTMAS 2016!

Amen, Pastor David. Merry Christmas, everyone!