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Happy Father’s Day!

To paraphrase Spock from the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek, as doing a podcast on Father's Day ships would seem "oddly self-serving," I'm skipping in this year in favor of giving y'all this quick notice of the Father's Day special by Star Citizen for racing ships....

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Thank you, Rob Sharp.

We just got word that early this Friday morning, my good friend and brother in Christ, Rob Sharp, finally took the last road home to heaven after a long fight against cancer. While I'm personally sad that we shall never meet again here on Earth, I am glad that he is...

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Longhaul’s 2017 Subscriber Race

This is a race between YouTube subscribers and Patreon patrons. Who can establish the best foothold first? Don't get me wrong, the real reason I am doing this is for both a custom channel address for the YouTube account (requires 100 subscribers) and to pay the bills...

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