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“Abba! Father!”

What does it mean to say that we have adoption through God the Father? Galatians 4:1-7 is examined in this sermon based on a manuscript written for MIN-601, Christ-Centered Preaching, for Grand Canyon University Theological Seminary, June 2017, by the Longhaul...

Happy Father’s Day!

To paraphrase Spock from the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek, as doing a podcast on Father's Day ships would seem "oddly self-serving," I'm skipping in this year in favor of giving y'all this quick notice of the Father's Day special by Star Citizen for racing ships....

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Star Citizen and Other Perpetual Universe Games

Quick Post on Shroud of the Avatar

Again, I cannot apologize enough for not doing podcasts right now. Please keep praying for Grandma Char as she goes through tremendous teeth (plural) problems. Without her, we're kind of up a creek with regards to daycare three days a week, and I spend my weekends...

Longhaul Short – Albion Online

Want a Star Citizen only in a fantasy setting? That's not exactly what Albion is, but it is a kind of upgrade for World of Warcraft players who wish the economy was more dynamic and they weren't primarily using their professions skills just for their own stuff. Take a...


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Other Non-Video-Game Family Fun

No April Fool

Plenty enough hard to get sleep around here, but here's a quick update and intro to a promising new kickstarter, PlayTable. Take a look and maybe you'll be as impressed as I am. And don't forget to subscribe at YouTube and/or drop a dollar on Patreon for Freya's...

Christmas Thoughts – Family Fun is Now

With a huge thanks to Pastor David Troutman of Northglenn Christian Church, I pass you a "to do" list for this Christmas season: FINGER FOOD DINNER: Pick a night this week. Go to the grocery store and have everyone pick out a finger food to share. Head home prepare...