"Where do I find Longhaul?"

All of the places you can find me.

Why is this important?

Even without direct financial support, anyone finding what I do interesting should at least Like, Subscribe, Follow, or what-have-you to the various Pages, Feeds and the like because, for you, it encourages me to keep going despite setbacks and, for me, it gives greater visibility for a greater audience. In places like YouTube, there is even a chance for a penny or two from the advertising others play before or after my podcasts.

Why Patreon?

Let me be totally honest: I’ve been unemployed since 2007, back in school twice following a calling, am a first-time father to a baby girl, and we’ve been extremely blessed that my wife’s work has kept a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs and that our church family and extended family have come to our aid in keeping up with Freya’s needs. Starting this was a shot in the dark with one primary goal: To build up a college fund for Freya.

Aside from paying for the expenses of the podcast itself and any straight out gifts by backers, companies, and friends, NO PATREON FUNDS go anywhere but into a college fund for Freya and I DO NOT recommend anything more than $1 per Patron.