Welcome to the new website for Longhaul Preacher. For those who are not familiar with who I am, here’s the current introduction video on YouTube:

So what is LonghaulPreacher.space? Here you will find not only the videos, but, where needed, summaries of those videos and some things I just haven’t had time to turn into a video. I have been greatly looking forward to doing this for the Family Fun and Star Citizen communities and it is my pleasure to give it to you.


Back in 2015, nearing the age of 46 and having no kids of my own, an old friend asked me and my wife to adopt baby Freya, her granddaughter, to keep her out of the system of anonymous adoptions and in touch with her birth family. But back in 2007 was the last time I had a full-time job. If you have kids in college, you know what that means: It is time to start saving up for college and I have no job to save up with.

So Freya and I would greatly appreciate it if y’all would consider a $1 per month contribution through Patreon both to keep these vlogs and blogs going and to start building up her college fund.

In the meantime, while you consider this, I will just say thanks for enjoying what I’m creating, God bless, and have safe family fun out there.

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