It isn’t often that we get a chance to see ourselves through the eyes of God, but I think I did get that chance and I thank my good friend and brother in Christ, Rob, for that. While we all might feel lost in our everyday lives and faith lives on occasion, take a moment when that happens to look to Scripture and ask yourself, “Is this what God wants of me? Is this what God wants of the church I go to and the community I associate with?”
“Is this what a Christian is suppose to be?”
This sermon looks at the basics of what it means to be Christian and the life and behavior we are called to live.
Dedicated to Rob Sharp, fighting his last fight with cancer as I type this. Please take the time to pray for him and his wife Tammie, and if you feel the need to give a little, please look to your favorite cancer research foundation and donate. For me that would be St. Baldrick’s Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer, but that is up to you. Give where God leads you to give. Live as God leads you to live.
And God bless you, your families, and especially all those suffering from cancer and their families.
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