To 3.0 and Beyond!

To 3.0 and Beyond!

Take it from a guy who has been, at one point, CEO of a construction company, it is not easy dealing with subcontractors. And dealing with subcontractors while working on a universe-size project only makes things worse, but is necessary to take up the slack of not enough employees. They’ll get there. In the meantime, onward to 3.0, now slated for June 29, 2017! Are you ready?

What is Easter, really?

What is Easter, really? Is it bunnies and chicks, eggs and candy? Of course not, but what is it? Here’s one father’s take on it: What if we looked at what Easter is by way of God the Father?

No April Fool

Plenty enough hard to get sleep around here, but here’s a quick update and intro to a promising new kickstarter, PlayTable. Take a look and maybe you’ll be as impressed as I am.

And don’t forget to subscribe at YouTube and/or drop a dollar on Patreon for Freya’s college fund during the 2017 “race.” Looks like everyone has stalled so far, but that’s what I get for sleepin’ on the job.