Big Thanks to all who have supported us in prayer...

I just wanted to thank everyone again for supporting me and my family in prayer through 2017. We have had so many setbacks as to cut my podcasting time to the point of nothing and y’all have been noncritical of me for it. I can’t wait to see 3.0 of Star Citizen finally come out, as I am sure all of you SC fans are, yet know I will likely not have time to try it until well after it is finally released. That is the nature of putting family first.

So just to let everyone know, I have a BOOK (notebooks are books, right?) of podcasting ideas, just no time to do them at the moment. If you’d like to help out, things I’m looking for are voices (preferably in the northern Denver area) for voiceover dramas, artists for same, and, of course, Patreon patronage would help with the daycare costs so I’d have more time. Even a dollar a month would be of help.

Thanks again, all. We’re off to see my side of the family and watch the eclipse together. God be with you til we meet again.

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