2020 Vision

2020 Vision

2020 Vision

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It all fell apart...

The best laid plans tend to do that. In my case, I was at my whit’s end trying to finish the Masters in Divinity program and then got started immediately into a doctoral program while my wife’s office was floundering and I found myself working for her, working for my daughter, working for myself… and not for God.

And that really was the problem.

When I said “God first, family second, self last,” I meant every word, yet I found myself putting family first to help my wife and daughter through this last two years of chaos and self second out of defense of everything I had started, but starting this year, with my wife’s office hitting a wall and my daughter acting out, my wife and I looked at each other and had to ask…

Where is God in all of this?

And that was the right question to ask. It was not that God left us. We had left God. He was our excuse, not our Lord, and that was wrong. But that’s a sermon for later.

Instead, I am here to announce that podcasting will begin again starting in February and with my wife’s agreement that it needs to be done.

Every month will have, at a minimum, one sermon, one podcast on family life, and one podcast on family fun, including my take on what’s going on with Star Citizen and other games and systems I have been supporting all this time, starting with the first sermon, Trusting in God, coming the first week of February.

You’ll also get to see me. Yes, I’ll be using my phone to take video of myself recording the podcastsand, sometime later in 2020, I will be livestreaming them as well.

Satan caught us with our pants down. It may happen again. But for now, it’s time to dust ourselves off, grab up the Bible, and begin again. God first, family second, self last.

Let’s get to work.