Fun - Freya's Gift - Chapter 1

One Good Turn

April 2020 - Fun - Freya's Gift Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of a “novel” I’ve been toying with writing for a few years now. If you have any comments, criticisms, just read it and have no opinion, whatever, please comment just so I know you actually heard it. It is appreciated. And yes, it is a scifi adventure featuring my daughter. Why? Because it is fun. Big thanks to Cloud Imperium Games for the backdrop to the story in the Star Citizen universe.   Mentioned in this podcast beyond the obvious:   The schedule each month is: God First – First week of every month is dedicated to God’s Word. Family Second – Second week of every month is a family subject, family fun, family vacation, family recipes, whatever. Self Last – Third week of every month is just for fun and hopefully is entertaining. Enjoy. Fourth and Fifth weeks are for Patreon Patrons only.   Feel free to message me here on YouTube with any questions or concerns or you can email me at   Pledge on PATREON: YouTube: SoundCloud: Website:

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