Monte Y. Pescador

Known online as “Longhaul Preacher,” I am primarily a podcaster, voiceover artist producer, and virtual preacher while secondarily acting part-time as a counselor, the family Information Technologies technical support and webmaster, and the father of my baby girl, Freya, having come to us late in life.

Professional Goals

In the short-term, as I finish a doctorate, I am seeking part- or full-time work that will bring forward my professional careers in counseling and pastoral work, whether that be as chaplain, minister, or missionary, focusing specifically at the Denver area at least, Colorado at most for the sake of my wife and daughter. With no such jobs available, I will also be seeking experiential work in audio production and/or as an Apple Computers professional.

My long-term goals are to finish the doctoral program and find a professorship or other permanent teaching position locally, in the State of Colorado, a position I intend to retire on while starting a farm and church as per the founding of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc.

Work Experience

Rohi Therapy

Extra Space

Independent Existential Counselor

On and off as clients come and go, started as Homeward Bound Christian Counseling before closing for paternity leave and reopening as an offshoot of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms, Rohi Therapy. Currently under the supervision of an LPC as the client number increases.


Whole Family Legal LLC

IT Administrator/Substitute Assistant

Volunteer help with Whole Family Legal LLC and webmaster for several websites. Substitute at the front desk fielding calls, copying/scanning documents, proofreading, and witnessing signatures.


At His Feet PBC


A rearrangment of a cleaning corporation, At His Feet PBC experiments with different low-startup small business ideas to find the ones that can help others get back to work. Added a dba of Longhaul Preacher for productions and podcasting.


Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc.


Founded a nonprofit for helping with fresh food shortages in food banks and meal centers as well as the goal of starting a series of farms to act as rehabilitation facilities for homeless families.


Education & Awards

Grand Canyon University

Doctoral Candidate

Candidate for Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with a Christian Ministry focus. Subject of research pending.


Grand Canyon University

M Divinity

Non-denominational seminary with focus on mission and ministry.


Colorado Christian University

MA Counseling

Internship with Harvest Farm (subsidiary addictions recovery center for men of Denver Rescue Mission). Focus on Existential therapeutic practices.


University of Colorado at Boulder

Graduate Research Technician

Equivalent of Masters in Microbial Ecology, second author on paper examining alpine microbial community in “barren” soil. Left due to medical issues.


Fort Lewis College

Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society

Achieved during pre-graduate school preparation towards astrobiological research.

Willamette University

BA International Studies

Focused on Japanese culture and business practice with a minor in Computer Science.


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