Can’t Leave Well Enough

Can’t Leave Well Enough

Well Enough Alone

January 2019
First Steps

No Such Thing as Coincidences

Degrees: BA International Studies (1989), MA Counseling (2011), M Divinity (2018)
In 2001, my wife told me it was time to chase my dreams. So, I did. And I blew my neck out and the dream shattered. So, I taught. And a politician bent on keeping his secret tried to run me out of the state. So, I went to flight school and ran out of time and money trying to get into commercial flying.

And that was it.

Then in 2009, while volunteering in a community garden, God sent me down a road I never thought I would ever take, serving Him. To that end, I returned to school to get a Counseling degree, then a Divinity degree, trying very hard to ignore the step He needed me to take, to be a leader. For me, being a leader was not my strong suit. At all.

Despite this, here I am in 2019, embarking on another degree, Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with a Christian Ministry emphasis, right out of graduation, my head still spinning from pushing through “Senioritis” to finish the last two classes. Some would ask why. I often ask myself why. And I don’t have a good answer.

I guess we will find out on down the road.

Year 1

Initial classes reintroducing emperical research, statistics, quantitative and qualitative research, and the basic framework concepts of organizational leadership.

Begin library research.

Getting my bearings as a father, counselor, and student.

Year 2

Write research proposal along the emperical research within the local community (e.g., interviews and surveys). After finalizing with committee, move on to running the research and working on the introduction.

“Finalize” library research.

Rebalance family/career load.

Year 3+

Finish classes. Spend the rest of the time back and forth in committee working out the fine details before publication.

Start looking for professorships.

Apply to other jobs related to the degree.

Look forward to the next adventure.

Under Construction?

Under Construction?

More like under “reconstruction.” Let me explain…
Up until about two or three months ago, all of the sites I work on for friends and family were starting to bog down on the legacy GoDaddy server, never moved to the newer servers. That all came to a head when WordPress started erroring due to old legacy software on the server. We had no choice but to move the websites. That is when the problems started. The same error I was getting on the old server for Longhaul duplicated on the new server and got worse, making it so I couldn’t even add pages or posts or update pages or posts. I have just spent a good part of the last quarter year trying to get this to work right again, and I am hoping this posts even as I type it.
At the same time, due to illness and school and keeping up with tech support for the family, I have fallen further and further behind on podcasting. Over a year, in fact. And the coffee shop I started using for “Bear Citizen” events closed, leaving me with no venue for that as well. I have been “up in the air” on what to do with such things. Therefore, starting this Summer (no date set), I will be doing a bit of shuffling. First, I am finishing the voiceover work for the Zane Grey novel set. I know, “FINALLY!” Second, since I have been using Lightstock a lot in this business, I am going to start doing side work in drone photography and videography to attempt to bring in more money so I’m not scrambling for side work. Last but not least, I will be starting up podcasting again. Wish me luck.