2018 Not Great

2018 Not Great

I am pretty sure there are those out there asking “What happened to Preacher?” And that is a fair question that deserves a fair answer. 2017 was bad enough, trying to help out in my wife’s office while going to school, starting up the VO business etc. 2018 has been inundated with things like three bouts of stomach flu passed through Freya to me, getting the knee finally repaired and the issues that resulted from that, and even a couple of respiratory ailments also passed through my daughter. 2018 has not been a good year.

And now one of my best friends is down after having MAJOR (all caps for a reason) heart surgery and I’m taking over for him at the law office until he recovers. I had planned on doubling up on classes for the Summer to finish off the MDiv program, but now I spread it back out to finish in November while struggling to keep up hours and keep everything flowing. And before you ask, no, it is not my wife’s fault. Rebecca has been incredibly strong through all of this year, only getting sick herself maybe twice and often asking if there is anything she can do to make my life easier instead of asking for more help on things she desperately needs done.

Life isn’t about ease or want. It is about struggle. Even if you don’t believe in God and believe Charles Darwin was an absolute atheist, a follower of┬áNietzsche before Nietzsche, you must realize that you are basically saying all of life is a struggle to survive and procreate and nothing more. In God’s eyes, however, that is far from the truth. Yes, life is struggle, but we put it upon ourselves. We assumed ourselves to be greater than God and it got us kicked out of Eden. We assumed ourselves to be better than God and, after generations, God passed judgment on lands “full of sin.” God let go of His chosen people when they turned away from them, sent His Son to redeem the world, and yet the world continues to do exactly what those chosen people did…

Complain and gripe about how “horrible” God must be because they struggle and suffer.

Only none of it is God’s fault.

Do you or do you not want free will?

Then who’s fault is it?

When a child is learning to behave, to eat right, to bathe, to brush teeth, and complains, do we give up or do we expect better of them?

We are His children, whether we like it or not, and He expects better of us, yet we turn towards suffering and struggle and complain that it is His fault.

Think about that.

And meanwhile don’t worry about me. I’ll get back out of this time hole eventually and back to podcasting and sermonizing. Y’all just love your families and be good to each other until I return.

This is Longhaul signing off.

“What is Evangelicalism?” A Tribute Sermon

“What is Evangelicalism?” A Tribute Sermon

The “New Evangelicalism” movement is attributed to three particular leaders. We recently lost one of the most iconic of all of the evangelists of this generation, Billy Graham. So now might be a good time to take a look at what it really means, by definition, action, and tone, to be “Evangelical.” Because, as the movie line goes, I don’t think it means what most think it means.

What about the Pioneer?

Longhaul's Take on the Pioneer Debate

I started this one two weeks ago, but then got stalled out before I could finish adding video to it. Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but this is about my personal take on the Consolidated Outland’s Pioneer construction ship. It is not a popular opinion. But take a look and decide for yourself if my point is valid.

PS: Going to be attempting to learn Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition December 20-January 3 (my school’s break time) and would like suggestions on books to learn from. Please comment below.

PSS: Still waiting on both a specialist with an opening in schedule and Medicaid to sign off on knee surgery. Prayers absolutely welcome and thank you for your support.

PSSS: I… Nevermind… I forgot.

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#StarCitizen changes ships, so I change podcasts: Exploration 2.1

#StarCitizen changes ships, so I change podcasts: Exploration 2.1

"Darn you, Red Baron!"

So they have come out with an amazing amount of update regarding ALL of the ships with the new ship matrix, basically showing all of the toolboxes they have been working with to make 3.0. That’s all great, but they made BIG changes to ships that need addressed in the podcast for Exploration I did just a month ago, so here’s a redo of that based on the new information.

For those who managed to get a Pioneer, congratulations. Drop your business card off on your way out. ISHIX is still an exploration company, just without the Pioneer.

Thank you, @michaelwsmith! This new video inspires me.

God of All Creation

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and see that sunrise and just think, “Wow!” Or how about the meteor showers like we just had, the solar eclipse, or just gazing at the moon? The universe is an amazing, complex place. Glad MWS got to have a little fun with this video. Way to go. Let’s see what’s out there.

Roadtrip Review: Rocket and Groot Steal the Galaxy by #GraphicAudio

Roadtrip Review: Rocket and Groot Steal the Galaxy by #GraphicAudio

Review: Rocket Racoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy

Ready for that first seasonal road trip with the family? Consider taking along a Graphic Audio novel like… ROCKET AND GROOT STEAL THE GALAXY! Yep, Guaurdians of the Galaxy in audio form. Enjoy this review.


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PS: I’m not above begging, folks. Just found out on YouTube that I will no longer be able to use advertisements for my podcasts (haven’t made a single penny off them yet anyway) nor even able to embed the link to this website or the Patreon website until I have over 10,000 lifetime views TOTAL). To the date of this podcast, I have only 1082, most of which are all from the first Exploration podcast, 380. I really need your help. Let’s all share this podcast, PLEASE! I cannot do this without your help and, with daycare issues, no income, and my knee out, I am running out of options. Please share the channel and your favorite podcasts today and every day until we get up to 10,000 lifetime views.

Thanks again for your support and God bless.