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God of All Creation

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and see that sunrise and just think, “Wow!” Or how about the meteor showers like we just had, the solar eclipse, or just gazing at the moon? The universe is an amazing, complex place. Glad MWS got to have a little fun with this video. Way to go. Let’s see what’s out there.

Roadtrip Review: Rocket and Groot Steal the Galaxy by #GraphicAudio

Roadtrip Review: Rocket and Groot Steal the Galaxy by #GraphicAudio

Review: Rocket Racoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy

Ready for that first seasonal road trip with the family? Consider taking along a Graphic Audio novel like… ROCKET AND GROOT STEAL THE GALAXY! Yep, Guaurdians of the Galaxy in audio form. Enjoy this review.


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Happy International #TabletopDay Family Fun Fans!

While sponsored and hosted by Geek and Sundry, it is an inclusive celebration of the tabletop game. To reverse quote Buck Rogers, time to take out the cards and the backgammon boards. Happy celebrating, everyone!

For more, go to, but really, just break out the boards, cards, and dice, gather the family around, and play.

No April Fool

Plenty enough hard to get sleep around here, but here’s a quick update and intro to a promising new kickstarter, PlayTable. Take a look and maybe you’ll be as impressed as I am.

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Christmas Thoughts – Family Fun is Now

Christmas Thoughts – Family Fun is Now

With a huge thanks to Pastor David Troutman of Northglenn Christian Church, I pass you a “to do” list for this Christmas season:


Pick a night this week. Go to the grocery store and have everyone pick out a finger food to share. Head home prepare your dishes and enjoy each others company!


Everyone put on your favorite PJ’s and slippers, make some hot cocoa or chai, pop some popcorn and watch a Christmas movie together.


Head to the nearest dollar store and give everyone $1 for each family member (plus tax). You have ten minutes to find the perfect gift for each member. Go home and wrap the gifts for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.


This one is simple… either look up a recipe or buy a kit. Spend the evening together decorating your edible house.


Pull out some board games, a deck of cards or a puzzle.


Combine any of the previously mentioned events with a living room camp out! Get out some blankets, make some forts and sleep on the floor.

The objective is to create memories. When we look back at the time we spend with our family we will rarely remember something someone gave us… what we remember is the time we spend with one another. GET CREATIVE and CREATE A LIFELONG MEMORY of CHRISTMAS 2016!

Amen, Pastor David. Merry Christmas, everyone!