What about the Pioneer?

Longhaul's Take on the Pioneer Debate

I started this one two weeks ago, but then got stalled out before I could finish adding video to it. Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but this is about my personal take on the Consolidated Outland’s Pioneer construction ship. It is not a popular opinion. But take a look and decide for yourself if my point is valid.

PS: Going to be attempting to learn Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition December 20-January 3 (my school’s break time) and would like suggestions on books to learn from. Please comment below.

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#StarCitizen changes ships, so I change podcasts: Exploration 2.1

#StarCitizen changes ships, so I change podcasts: Exploration 2.1

"Darn you, Red Baron!"

So they have come out with an amazing amount of update regarding ALL of the ships with the new ship matrix, basically showing all of the toolboxes they have been working with to make 3.0. That’s all great, but they made BIG changes to ships that need addressed in the podcast for Exploration I did just a month ago, so here’s a redo of that based on the new information.

For those who managed to get a Pioneer, congratulations. Drop your business card off on your way out. ISHIX is still an exploration company, just without the Pioneer.

Exploration 2: Just the Beginning

Exploration 2: Just the Beginning

When it comes to exploration, I couldn’t be more excited about the ideas Chris Roberts and crew have presented so far for Star Citizen, and despite it being a year since 3.0 was first announced and a year since my podcast regarding exploration, it is still an exciting prospect. So here it is, a recap and fresh look at 3.0 and exploration and the ships involved in the future of exploration in Star Citizen.

600i – New Explorer or Just Another Ship?

600i – New Explorer or Just Another Ship?

With apologies for no video or sound...

Sorry, but I’m still on vacation with the family after a reunion/eclipse party (hope all of you and your family had a chance as well). So, since Gamecon 2017 is on in Germany and Cloud Imperium has just released the latest info on their newest ship, the Origin Jumpworks 600i in two models of Touring and Exploration, I thought I’d better say something despite being on the road.

At first, like so many, I was just plain in awe of the look. As usual they made the newest ship in the Origin line look like an absolute dream. Selling a package that also included the coveted 890Jump luxury liner was a great piece of marketing as well. But that was where my awe ended. Then I looked at the specs. Being an explorer and not interested in shuttling around tourists more than cargo, I looked only at the Explorer Module version. Here’s what I found.

The Explorer more than doubles the cargo capacity up to 36, a far cry from the 1000+ of the Carrack or even the Constellation Aquila, while also boosting the crew need to 5, equal to the Carrack. It has no scout or snub, though it does have a rover of some kind, the cockpit of which can be seen in the picture. It looks to be a heavy hitter in the weapons department along with having decent defense in the two unmanned turrets. But for something that requires the same crew as a Carrack, I would have at least expected a scout ship (converted 85x?) or drones. It does not even have a medical bay or repair bay. Being “expandable” just isn’t enough for the first-time buy into exploration.

So it is much more just a converted Luxury ship and not much more. While CIG is content to list it with the explorers, I will give it little mention when I update the Exploration career video. It looks good. It will even likely get you from place to place faster than any other Explorer, but that is all. Give me the ugly but functional lines of the Carrack to “looks good” any day.

Y’all take care and we’ll see if I can find the time to do a podcast in the next month. Would still help greatly to have just $1 a month on Patreon from anyone to help with daycare expenses, so please prayerfully consider it. Also considering both other things I can do to build up Freya’s college fund and how to find funds to replace the church vans, so drop me a line if you have an idea.

God bless you and your family.

Quick Post on Shroud of the Avatar

Quick Post on Shroud of the Avatar

Portalarium and the Shroud of the Avatar

Again, I cannot apologize enough for not doing podcasts right now. Please keep praying for Grandma Char as she goes through tremendous teeth (plural) problems. Without her, we’re kind of up a creek with regards to daycare three days a week, and I spend my weekends trying to keep up with school work.

But this came across my pad and I had to share. As much as I love Chris Roberts of Wing Commander etc. fame, my undergrad years were spent in the late Ultima games of Richard “Lord British” Garriott. The gang at Cloud Imperium brought him and his new group, Portalarium, out of Austin, Texas to our attention this week as they are looking for investors as they open up a new fantasy world similar in style to the Star Citizen universe, with a dynamic economy, land and home ownership, and as instance-less experience as possible in a perpetual universe that only the Lord British could dream up.

I don’t know about you, but this has my heart pounding a bit and I have to take a look… just as soon as I find some income. Lowest investment for INVESTORS (that is people who are actually going to have stock in the company from what I gather) is $500 and comes with in-game perks as well. Take a look. I’ll see if I can scrape some pennies together so I can give a decent review somewhere down the line.

Thanks again, everyone, for your patience, please prayerfully consider $1 a month through Patreon to help with this daycare disaster, and God bless.

Longhaul Short – Albion Online

Want a Star Citizen only in a fantasy setting? That’s not exactly what Albion is, but it is a kind of upgrade for World of Warcraft players who wish the economy was more dynamic and they weren’t primarily using their professions skills just for their own stuff. Take a look.

To get into Albion Online, use the link https://albiononline.com/?ref=CANMCXV9BF