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“Howdy, y’all! I’m Longhaul.”

Monte Pescador

“Longhaul Preacher”

Podcaster, Producer, and Preacher

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About Me

Jack-of-all-trades with a Masters in Counseling and soon Divinity, I have been around and have learned a lot in the last nearly 50 years.
But nothing could have prepared me for the last half of my life. While I am still a dreamer, I now dream of my new daughter’s life more than my own. My original idea for a podcast about video games has become focused on family fun with Star Citizen as the example of good family fun potential in the 21st century home. I’ve also gone back to school for another degree, following God first, my family second, and placing myself last.
Everything I thought about career planning has also turned inside-out and upside-down. So now I use my experience in radio and technology to work in voice over and  other work. I figure if I can make radio producers consider me from listening to me on an Arby’s drive-thru speaker and islanders are tricked into thinking I am one of their residents without trying, I can help others with this voice of mine.


  • Longhaul Preacher
    • 21st Century Family Fun
    • Star Citizen
    • Tall Tales

Solar System Ambassador

  • JPL Volunteer
  • “Bear Citizen” Events
  • Class Visitation
  • In-The-Park Events


  • Male, Baritone, Voice Over Artist
  • Coming Soon:
    • Dramatic Audio Production
    • Drone Productions


  • Longhaul Preacher Sermons
  • Approx Grad Date
    • Masters in Divinity
    • GCU, 10/2018

My Latest Podcasts, Blogs, and Samples

Flying on the Cheap

Flying on the Cheap

With apologies to anyone who thought I was saying that you absolutely have to start with a multi-passenger ship to get into Star Citizen with the family, this is my take on the two cheapest game packages, for the Aurora MR and Mustang Alpha for $45, the directly of...

Star Citizen Widows? Not on my watch.

Star Citizen Widows? Not on my watch.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Back in the World of Warcraft day, there were people known as WoW Widows or Warcraft Widows, women left behind by their men diving into hours of game play. Take it from a husband who played with his wife instead of against her, there is a much...

What’s Banu with You?

What’s Banu with You?

The mysterious and enigmatic Banu culture has been described as "Yankee Traders." What about their redesigned for humans ships, the Defender and Merchantman, do we need to know for family fun before purchasing? I run down the basics here. REMEMBER TO USE THIS GAME...

My Skill and Experience

What do I bring to your project?
  • Podcasting/Voice Over Expertise
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Public Speaking/Theater Experience
  • Coffee/Energy Drink Consumption


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Cups of Coffee/Energy Drinks

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