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Longhaul Preacher

A hodge podge including family in the 21st century, family fun night, tall tales, Amazon reviews in video form, and much more.

About Longhaul Preacher

Started in 2015 on a lark, doing podcasts primarily on Star Citizen, it has since grown considerably to include family fun night in the 21st century, family in general, tall tales, Amazon reviews, and much more. Monte has started back into his Solar System Ambassador role with JPL-NASA as well and has started on a doctorate (see also in the Podcaster menu above). And, on the side, he does sermons (see the Preacher menu). If these things don’t interest you, you must have not taken that left turn at Albuquerque. If they do, you’re in the right place. Enjoy.

Monte Pescador

Monte Pescador


Most Recent Podcast

Another 2018 Update…

Well, folks, I thought I'd drop a line. 2018 has been a seriously messed up year. Started with a huge contract that I'm still not done with, ailments galore, my best bud then having a heart attack and me taking over for him, just one thing after another. I am now on...

What about the Pioneer?

I started this one two weeks ago, but then got stalled out before I could finish adding video to it. Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but this is about my personal take on the Consolidated Outland's Pioneer construction ship. It is not a popular opinion. But...

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