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2018 Not Great

I am pretty sure there are those out there asking "What happened to Preacher?" And that is a fair question that deserves a fair answer. 2017 was bad enough, trying to help out in my wife's office while going to school, starting up the VO business etc. 2018...

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Star Citizen and Other Perpetual Universe Games

What about the Pioneer?

I started this one two weeks ago, but then got stalled out before I could finish adding video to it. Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but this is about my personal take on the Consolidated Outland's Pioneer construction ship. It is not a popular opinion. But...

Exploration 2: Just the Beginning

When it comes to exploration, I couldn't be more excited about the ideas Chris Roberts and crew have presented so far for Star Citizen, and despite it being a year since 3.0 was first announced and a year since my podcast regarding exploration, it is still...


#PewDiePie, Anti-PDP, and the State of the Gaming Industry

Regarding the article There is no 'heat of the moment' in video games... I will not usually use the Longhaul Preacher blog for any kind of political statement if I can help it, but this article from Polygon/MSN News is like an open wound to me because it underscores...

Other Non-Video-Game Family Fun

Thank you, @michaelwsmith! This new video inspires me.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and see that sunrise and just think, "Wow!" Or how about the meteor showers like we just had, the solar eclipse, or just gazing at the moon? The universe is an amazing, complex place. Glad MWS got to have a little fun...

Happy International #TabletopDay Family Fun Fans!

While sponsored and hosted by Geek and Sundry, it is an inclusive celebration of the tabletop game. To reverse quote Buck Rogers, time to take out the cards and the backgammon boards. Happy celebrating, everyone! For more, go to https://www.tabletopday.com/, but...