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Some samples and examples of what you can expect when working with me

Commercial Samples

Samples can always be found on Soundcloud.

Audiobook Samples

Samples can always be found on Soundcloud.

Other Samples

April 2020 – Fun – Freya’s Gift Chapter 1

One Good TurnThis is the first chapter of a “novel” I’ve been toying with writing for a few years now. If you have any comments, criticisms, just read it and have no opinion, whatever, please comment just so I know you actually heard it. It is appreciated. And yes, it...

Shhhh… New Project…

Just formed a new Facebook Group for creating audio dramas of the transcript postings by Cloud Imperium Games on RobertsSpaceIndustries.com. If you are in the northern Denver area or just have the gear to do clean mp3 recordings of your voice to add to the dramas,...

Twas the Night

Normalized to -3 dB

Edited for sound quality and normalized to -3dB, a standard in the industry, to give you the clear, professional sound you deserve.

Alternative normalization is available upon request. The recording can also be edited via Adobe Audition for a different sound if you are looking for more of a special effect.


Accessible and Responsible

I may not answer the phone on the first ring, but I do respond to email and voicemail in a timely manner and take pride in my work. That means I will be there to finish the job I start to what you need from start to finish.


Having experience in non-profits and in helping a church re-record sermons that got lost in technical issues, I humbly take on such jobs knowing that not everyone can afford such services. I will work with you to get your project done. Use the Contact form below for details.

Featured VO Works

Zane Grey Anthology Volume 4 – In Production

Current Project

Zane Grey Anthology Volume 4

  • Raw Recording 50% 50%
  • Production 50% 50%
  • Post-Production 50% 50%



Have a Unique Project in Mind?


What accents have you effectively done?
Of course there is my “trucker accent” that I sink into when I get too comfortable. I have also been mistaken for an islander while just on the island of Kaua’i for a week. I just absorb accents I am around for any small length of time and, as needed or as comfortable, blend in. Professionally, however, I would come up with personalities that would reflect what you are looking for.
Then do you do any other languages beyond English?
No. My wife is caucasian and knows Japanese better than I do as a Filipino/Japanese. Same with Spanish and I have zero experience with any other spoken language. That does not mean I cannot get done inflections and personality/cultural styles of speech, however. Just do not expect me to be able to easily read off another language. I’m afraid I wasn’t born with that gene.
Can you mix in background or music or work with video?
I do not consider myself an expert in Adobe Audition, but I am learning and would be willing to give it a go, especially with mixing multiple sources of sound. You would, however, have to supply both the sound and, if not yours, proof of legal allowance to use such sound before I work with it.
Can you do scientific/technical language?
Yes, I can do the more complex English words required in technical presentation and display. I have experience teaching high school science and computers, college microbiology, lecturing on microbial ecology, and teaching an adult continuing education class on computer maintenance, Microsoft Office, and Windows. On top of all that, I have a Masters in Counseling and am aimed for finishing a Masters in Divinity by the end of 2018.
I have video I want dubbed to. Can you work with me?
If you mean working in Adobe Premier Pro in dubbing in my voice, I can do that, but you probably do not want me to do that. Video production is an art, as personal as it is professional.

I can, however, break up the script the way you want into separate MP3 or WAV files to manipulate into place to your liking. I can also do up to two free revisions for speed if necessary. Revisions for change of script are negotiable.

Do you have a maximum limit?
Yes and no. I am a workhorse, always have been. I’m the type of personality that worked the extra hour, with or without pay, for the sake of the client more than for the sake of the company. So when it comes to sheer size of project, I will do just about anything I can think of outside of going cross-eyed reading an entire set of Encyclopedia Britainica.

But I’ll be honest, in my older age and being a new father, I cannot compromise family time for a large project on a short deadline or, if I do, it will cost a great deal more. If you don’t mind paying extra for faster service on a larger project, I am your voice.

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