Undergoing Maintenance

The All New, All Improved Longhaul Preacher Website is Coming

Sorry for the wait. We have moved to a better host to better serve you and are starting over from scratch in the process. We will be back as soon as we can.

Fewer Downtimes

GoDaddy is a great company. We’ve used them for years. But they are also not that great with WordPress websites and cost many times more to serve WordPress sites than SiteGround. We got to the point of having five or more downtimes a day between my websites, my wife’s website, and my mother-in-law’s website. It was time for a change.

Better Organized

Along with the change in server came the opportunity to completely revamp the website to better follow the direction I was going, separating out the different areas of development into separate “sites.” Now you’ll be able to find things more easily on the secondary menu

No More Confusion

Just look at what you are interested in, Podcasts, VO work (Producer), or online church stuff (Preacher), even a section just for those looking for Solar System Ambassador material.

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