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Longhaul Preacher as a Web Designer? Kind of. And only voluntarily...

Aside from the Longhaul Preacher website, Monte has also built and continues to maintain two nonprofit sites for his 501c3 project, a law office website for his wife, and two other business websites for his mother-in-law. What does it take to qualify to get on that list? A Christian organization in need, church or other nonprofit, and time. You control one, he controls the other.


volunteer services

Website Design

Before asking for help, consider two things, the website host (we recommend SiteGround) and the design you need/want. What goes into the design? Check these suggestions on the right.

Website Design

Website design is how your website will look. The information is separate. This is purely about the number of pages, how each page might work, and what might keep a visitor reading and looking. I can help you with experience and template examples to come up with the right form for your organization.

Branding & Logo

Logo creation is not really my thing, but if your organization does not yet have a good, Internet compatible logo, one that would fit into a square or, better still, circle, I have the Fiverr connections to help you flesh out the right logo and video logo for your Internet activities. Branding, however, is about memorable imagery, from key colors to repeated wording, motto, and mission. While design is about how the website will look, branding is about how you want your organization to be remembered using as many senses as we can.

Content Strategy

Finally! Yes, this is the information you want to pass on. You want the website for a reason and, even if it is to sell something, any organization will also be passing information. What information will you be passing on? I can help you work on the wording to make it memorable. This is also about the pictures you might want to use and maybe have not yet taken. Let’s strategize.

Choose a Premade Template

Speed. I have access to a large variety of templates depending on the website design your organization needs. Just because it starts with a template does not mean everyone on the template needs to be used, either. A template just means teh website will be up sooner and with a large amount of built-in design factors that help keep the visitor’s eye moving down the page.

Built From Scratch

Slow. While building from scratch seems like a great idea to get the website design down “exactly” as you might have in your mind, it is not nearly that easy. Blank pages being puzzled and pieced together only add to the amount of work necessary. While the final result can be much more unique and pleasing to the eye, it will take time.

Maintenance & Updates

After all is said and done, your organization will have a finished and published website, but what comes next? You should keep up the information on the page. If you wanted a blog, you should post no less than once a week and possibly more. There are plug-ins to help with security and link posting your blogs to social media, but it will take work. I can help with administration and maintenance, at least, keeping up with security and updates to keep your website running, as well as consulting on paid subscriptions to keep the website automatically backed up and protected. Yes, you can do all of these things. I’ll take pie as payment. Or donations to Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms. Either one.

Website Development

Now that we have the content, let’s talk about creation. Your website will go through a development period dependent on how much free time I have to spend on it. For example, this highly complex Longhaul Preacher site is taking months to put together, but that is because it is more like six sites in one. Your site might take as little as two weeks to one month to get fully started. How much time I spend on it greatly depends on that stuff you can read about on the left.

Who Am I Really?

Howdy! I’m Monte and I’ve been building websites since 1998, starting with HTML…

While I considered it as a career back in the day, doing IT work for a hospital and then a rural Internet service, seeing other companies cutting corners and charging huge amounts of money, I also saw the pressure a web designer would be under, even more pressure than working IT, and decided it was not for me. Still, I kept up websites for friends and family and, in time, gained a bit of experience and talent for it. Put that talent to work for your Christian organization. God first, family second, self last. That is the Longhaul Preacher way in everything I do.

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