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(In)Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with Adobe Illustrator for the logo?

Not for long. I find Adobe Creative Suite a money drain despite being extremely useful when fully used. By 2021, I will be using a Macintosh with Logic Pro X and Final Cut X for audio and video editing, leaving any commercial photo or illustration editing to contractors.

Will you work with other nonprofits or profit businesses?

I never try to say never, but this is my volunteer efforts, not business efforts. If someone were to pay me as a contractor, I would pick and choose whom I worked for/with and only as I had time. The Lord’s work will always come first, pay or no pay.

Does it matter which denomination?

Really, only time is a big factor for me. If I have time and think I can help, I will help. I do not currently make that much money (in fact, nearly nothing at all) and this is the Lord’s work, to use the gifts He has given me to the best of my ability for His work.

How much time does website development take?

It greatly depends on how muchy information you are attempting to give. Again, the simpler, the better. Expect a starter website to be useably better in the first week or so, the rest by the end of a full month if I have the time to work on it. A site, however, like Longhaul Preacher’s like you see here, with so many facets of information, took a lot longer.

Is there anything we can do to cut down the time?

Yes and no. If the text you want displayed is typed out and ready to go, it helps, but often also takes editing for the sake of look and brevity. The same goes for editing any pictures you want displayed. The more you do, the less I have to do.

What makes SiteGround special that you recommend it?

First, there are several great WordPress hosts out there. I chose SiteGround for the service for the dollar. With SiteGround, I have a built-in sandbox, if I wanted to use it, for creating the website before publication, free SSL (for making the site run through HTTPS), key for Google approval, and, because it is a WordPress specific host, a much higher efficiency and uptime rating than I have had from another, much more famous non-WordPress service that shall remain nameless.

How about stock photos and video? Any suggestions?

Absolutely. Look to LightStock for your Christian stock photos and video. In over 5 years of podcasting work and the occassional church service, it has never failed to have what I look for, and since starting has begun including Illustrator and other files for illustrations, brochures, postcards, and much more.

Do you guarantee your work?

First of all, it is kind of hard to “guarantee” free labor to begin with. “Or your money back”? Second, the job’s not done until you are ready to go, so really any dissatisfaction you have after it is done has much less to do with me since you will have already signed off on it. DO make sure that you are satisfied before cutting me loose. As I often tell my wife, I do not like fixing the mistakes of others. I have my own mistakes to fix.

In that case, what about maintenance service?

Like I said on the first page of this Web Designer section of the site, I do not care to, it is not something I will likely have time for, but I am not above the bribe of good food, good company, and just plain good fellowship. If you need help, you can call on me. Bring pie. It helps.

Will you add to this FAQ list?

Only if there really is something that is “frequently asked” enough to post to it. Hopefully not. It doesn’t take long, but it is more work I would rather not add to myself when I could be doing podcasting or voiceover work or just plain studying. (I am (re)constructing this site in my off time.)

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